Visa to Russia

Visa to Russia, Invitation for Visa and Legalizationof Documents

Danish citizens travelling to Russia need a visa. We can help you obtain one. We can also help you with the translation of personal documents related to the visa application and the legalisation of Danish documents to be used in Russia. Furthermore, we can issue the required tourist or business invitation to Russia.

For information regarding the most common types of visas:
E-visa to Russia

Tourist visa

Business visa


To apply for a visa to Russia you need an invitation. If you do not already have an invitation, you can order one:



We at Alt Rejser always do our utmost to carry out the agreements reached, but we are just agents, who provide contact to the Russian authorities responsible for issuing visas in Denmark. Currently, the processing times of the Russian authorities are indicative, and it is not possible for Alt Rejser to guarantee that the Russian authorities can comply with the processing times promised. We consider it to be but a temporary affliction and are confident that the situation is likely to normalise within the next few weeks.


Requirement to provide a fingerprint when applying for visa to Russia.


The Russian authorities has mandated that from 10.12.2014, it is a requirement to provide a fingerprint when applying for a visa to Russia. All traveling individuals (except children under the age of 12 years old),  and Danish citizens with residence in Greenland or Faroe Islands, must go to Copenhagen to provide a fingerprint. You must provide a fingerprint everytime you are applying for a visa.


If you choose Alt Rejser to process your visa, you do not need to trouble yourself in booking a time to have your fingerprint taken. Alt Rejser has close relationship with the Russian Embassy for almost 40 years, therefore we are pleased to announce that we can offer our customers favorable terms.


For more information regarding our services call 3312 2030 or email


What is a Russian visa?

A visa to Russia is an official document attached to your passport which allows you to enter/leave and stay in Russia for a specific period of time.  A Russian visa specifies date of arrival and departure and lists personal as well as passport details. A portrait photo (passport photo size, in colour, taken on a white background) is attached.
In other words, a Russian visa is a joint entry- exit and short-term residence permit. Losing your visa or extending your stay in Russia beyond the date of departure specified in your visa, may create problems.

What is an invitation from Russia?

In order to apply for a visa to Russia, you need an invitational letter. If you buy accommodation and/or travel at Alt Rejser, we give you the invitation for free. Do not fill in the visa application until you have received your invitation.
If you have purchased accommodation and/or travel through another provider, you can buy an invitation by filling in our visa order form. If you have further questions about how to obtain an invitation from Russia, do not hesitate to contact us. 

What is legalisation of documents?

Travelling to Russia, you might need official Danish documents (e.g. birth or marriage certificate). If so, the documents must be legalised. This applies to both personal and business documents). A legalisation is an endorsement by the Russian embassy.   
At Alt Rejser, we can help you with that. If you have documents (e.g. driving licence) that need to be Apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, we can help you with that as well. It will take 2-3 working days. As a private motorist in Russia, you do not need an international driving licence, if you have an Apostille Certificate translated into Russian attached to your driving licence.

How much does a visa to Russia cost?

We can offer you various types of visas to Russia. For prices, please see below.
Tourist Visa
Business Visa
Private Visa
- Transit Visa

Any more questions about visa application through Alt Rejser? Please contact us either by phone: ​​​​​​ +45 33 12 20 30 or

Why do I need to be fingerprinted when applying for visa to Russia?

As of 10 December 2014, the Russian authorities introduced fingerprint requirement when you apply for a Russian visa. Exempted from the fingerprint requirement are children under the age of 12 and Danish citizens resident in Greenland or the Faroe Islands. You must do so every time you apply for a visa.
Hvis du køber dit visum gennem Alt Rejser, behøver du ikke at bestille tid til fingeraftryk. Alt Rejser har haft et tæt samarbejde med den russiske ambassade igennem næsten 40 år, og kan derfor tilbyde vores kunder fordelagtige vilkår.
If you buy your visa through Alt Rejser, you do not need to schedule a fingerprint appointment. Based on our nearly 40-year collaboration with the Russian embassy, we are able to offer you favourable conditions.

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