Visa to Russia

Visa to Russia, Invitation for Visa and Legalizationof Documents

Danish citizens, who are traveling to Russia, needs a visa in order to enter the country. We at Alt Rejser are ready to help you with that. Take note that it is only allowed to have one valid visa in your passport.


Alt Rejser can help you wiht tourist visa or business invitation to Russia, as well as the legalization of Danish documents that you will need in Russia and the translation of your private documents to correspond your application.

Do you need a  e-visatourist visa? a business visa? and/or an invitation? Contat us for further information.


Requirement to provide a fingerprint when applying for visa to Russia.


The Russian authorities has mandated that from 10.12.2014, it is a requirement to provide a fingerprint when applying for a visa to Russia. All traveling individuals (except children under the age of 12 years old),  and Danish citizens with residence in Greenland or Faroe Islands, must go to Copenhagen to provide a fingerprint. You must provide a fingerprint everytime you are applying for a visa.


If you choose Alt Rejser to process your visa, you do not need to trouble yourself in booking a time to have your fingerprint taken. Alt Rejser has close relationship with the Russian Embassy for almost 40 years, therefore we are pleased to announce that we can offer our customers favorable terms.


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