Visa to Saudi Arabia

Visa to Saudi-Arabia
Alt Rejser  can help you with your visa application for a leisure and business trip to Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately we cannot accomodate the processing of pilgirmage related visa to Saudi Arabia (Hadj-visa).


From 01.07.2016, the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Copenhagen has mandated, that its is obligatory to acquire a travel insurance via the consulate. This specific insurance, which is their own, is a prerequisite to acquire the visa to Saudi Arabia. Even though you have a valid travel insurance from another insurance company, this cannot be use for the visa application at the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Copenhagen.






Business Visa
For apllication about business visa to Saudi Arabia, we need the following:


  • Original passport. The passport must be valid for min. 6 months and must not contain a stamp from Israel.
  • Original colored passport photo with white background. You can have your phto taken at Rejser (150 kr)
  • Visa application
  • Guarantee letter

A guarantee letter from your employeer, that confirms the company's support on your travel to Saudi Arabia and states the purpose of your travel, travel date and the name of your business partner in saudi Arabia. You must not sign your own gurantee letter.

Please refer to the example of a  guarantee letter here.


  • Invitation Letter

It is important that the invitation letter is approved and stamped by the The Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Handelskammeret og Udenrigsministeriet) in Saudi Arabia. The name in the invitation letter must perfectly match with the name in the passort. A copy of the invitaion letter must be attached to the visa application. The invitation letter must be in Arrabic language and must conatain the following information:


  1. Date of travel and the number of days that you intend to stay in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Complete name and date of birth that perfectly match with with the name in the passport.
  3. Passport number and the validity period of the passport.
  4. Purpose of travel (for the purpose of doing business)
  5. Cities to visit
  6. Company's registration number
  7. The invitation letter must be stamped, dated and signed by the apropriate authority in the company.
  8. The invitation letter must be written in the company's letter head with the corresponding address and conatct information.
  • Registration certificate of the inviting company in Saudi-Arabia

Please refer to the example of the registration certificate here.

  • Foreign citizens must provide a copy of the residence permit or proof of permanent residency in Denmark. If you have lived less than 2 years in Denmark, you cannot apply for the visa to Saudi Arabia in Copenhagen.
  • If you have you been to Israel and have a visa or have an entry stamp in your passport, there is a big risk that your visa application to Saudi-Arabia will be rejected. Please contact us for further information.


Kindly send all the documents to Alt Rejser, or you can personally submit your documents in our office.


Note: If your case is urgent, we recommend that you send the documents to us, as a “Quick Letter” or as a registered letter. In this case the letter must be handed over to the post office and we must be able to receive it the following day. If you send it as a normal post, it will take up to 7 days (or more) before we can recieve the case.


Price List, Visa to Saudi Arabia

The prices include all the ambassy fees and are applicable to Danish citizens only. All prices include Danish tax (moms).

e-visa for leisure and private visits
Processing time 2-4 working days 1.585,-
Obligatory Travel Insurance 275,-
Business Visa
Single or Multiple Entry Visa
Processing time 2-4 working days
Obligatory Travel Insurance (The prices varies according to the type of visa and the age of the traveling individual) fra 345,,-



Return Shipment of Passport
We will send you the passport and the corresponding visa, as soon as the visa is ready.



Passport Photo at Alt Rejser


You can have your photo taken at Alt Rejser (150 kr).










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