E-visa to St. Petersburg

e-visa tol St Petersburg

E-visa to St. Petersburg

As of 1 October 2019, Danish citizens wishing to visit the Leningrad Region (e.g. St Petersburg) can apply for one-time business, humanitarian and tourist e-visa in the form of an electronic document (electronic visa / e-visa).

Alt Rejser invites you to discover St. Petersburg with electronic visa and we will help with application for the e-visa to St Petersburg. For more infomration contact Alt Rejser 33122030


Alt Rejser can help applicants to complete an e-visa application to Russia (e-visa to St Petersburg or e-visa to Kaliningrad). It includes submission of the electronic visa application and preparation of a digital photo for the e-visa. E-visa to St Petersburg are issued for a period of 30 days with a permitted length of stay of up to 8 days from the beginning of travel, at the latest four calendar days before the expected entry date. Entry into the St Petersburg region with e-visa is only allowed through the limited border checkpoints: (allowed border checkpoints will be updated in the closest time).



The e-visa to St Petersburg regime will be in force from October 1, 2019:

- Regular single-entry business, tourist and humanitarian visas

- Online application 4 days before entry date

- Valid for 30 days

- Period of stay up to 8 days


Where you can enter Russia with E-visa to St. Petersburg?

An e-visa is valid for entry into and exit from the Russian Federation only through the following State border crossing points (you must enter and exit with e-visa only through the same crossing point): 
- Airport Pulkovo, St. Petersburg 
- check-point Torfyanovka/Valimaa (Russian - Finnish border) 
- check-point Brusnitchnoye/Nuijamaa(Russian - Finnish border) 
- check-point Svetogorsk/Imatra(Russian - Finnish border) 
- check-point Ivangorod/Narva(Russian - Estonian border) 

- Passenger port, St. Petersburg 
- Sea port of St. Petersburg 
- Sea port Vysotsk (Leningrad region) 

Details about E-visa to St. Petersburg

- With E-visa to St. Petersburg there is no need for any invitations or confirmations. Just fill in the application form. 
- The e-visa is issued within 4 calendar days, including week-ends and bank holidays. 
- The application can be filled in not earlier than 20 days and not later than 4 days before the trip 
- The e-visa is an one-entry visa of following types: tourist, business or humanitarian 
- The e-visa is valid during 30 days starting from the date of issue and with maximum 8 days stay on the territory of St-Petersburg and Leiningrad region 
- When entering with e-visa it is allowed to travel only within St-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Check list

When entering the Russian Federation with the e-visa the following document are needed: 
1. The valid passport (the expiry date must be not less than 6 months from the date the visa is applied
2. The printed out confirmation about the e-visa received 
3. Medical insurance (valid in Russia) 
4. Flight/boat/bus return tickets etc (if not travelling by private means of transport)

Prisliste, e-visa til Rusland


Price per person for e-visa to St Petersburg 635,-
Price per person for e-visa to Kaliningrad 635,-
When purchasing a package tour to Skt. Petersburg or Kaliningrad:
Price for assistance with e-visa ( pr. person) 250,-


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