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Ever since 1977, when the Cold War was still raging between the West and the Soviet Union and when only the most courageous, dare to cross the Iron Curtain, Alt Rejser helped arrange travel for the Danes, who were curious to learn the big and dangerous country known in the east.
A lot has happened since then. The Iron Curtain is gone and there have been great changes in Russia. So today, it is not quite a courageous affair to visit Russia.
Nevertheless, Russia still feels like much more distant from Denmark than it really is. Whether you experience St. Petersburg's magnificent palaces, Moscow's city life, the medieval church cities, Siberia's endless steppes or the mysterious Karelia, empty forest and lake landscapes, you will feel that you are extremely far away from home. 
It may seem impossible to arrange a trip to Russia, but over the years, Alt Rejser has learned to know Russia really well. In fact, we are confident to say that we are the true experts with respect to Russia. Even for some of the countries that surround Russia, which was formerly part of the Soviet Union.
Alt Rejser have arranged travels in Russia even during the period when it was not as easy like it is nowadays. We have numerous excellent and trustworthy partners in Russia that can help us find the very best options according to your wishes, so you can have a safe and exciting journey.

We have a strong and exceptional relationship with Aeroflot, which gives us the possibility of very attractive fares on their route. This of course does not mean that we limit ourselves to use Aeroflot. If there is another airline that better serves your purpose, we will of course choose that route. 
Furthermore, we also have good relations with the Russian Embassy, ??which enables us to provide a unique service in connection with application of visa.
At Alt Rejser, you will find a loyal and knowledgeable travel partner who does not hold your hand on the Red Square, but gives you a safe environment, so you can safely take off to an adventure!
You can contact us via telephone, email or letter. If you would like to personally speak to us, you are welcome to visit us in our office at Vesterbrogade 6D in Copenhagen. We are located at the central of Copenhagen, just opposite of the Central Station. Do not hesitate to drop by and get inspired for your next trip!
Alt Rejser is a member of the Rejsegarantifonden (membership no. 182 - Alt Rejsebureau A/S) and the Danmarks Rejsebureau Forening (membership no. A0004).


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