Visa to Usbekistan

Visa to Usbekistan
Are you traveling to Usbekistan? Then you need a visa. We at Alt Rejser are ready to help you obtain a visa and invitation to Usbekistan.

You can obtain a visa in the airport, if you have an invitation that is created through the immigration authorities of Usbekistan. We at Alt Rejser can help both with the invitation and visa, if you have booked a hotel or travel itinerary through Alt Rejser.


Please contact us for further infomation.



For application about visa to Usbekistan, we need the following: 

  • Fully completed visa application. 
  • Original passport with min. 2 blank/empty pages. The passport must be valid for min. 6 months besides the validity period of your visa. 
  • Colored passpoprt photo. You can have your passport phtoto taken at Alt Rejser (150 kr).


Note: If your case is urgent, we recommend that you send the documents to us, as a “Quick Letter” or as a registered mail. In this case the post must be handed over to the post office and we must be able to receive it the following day. If you send it as a regular post, it will take up to 7 days (or more) before we receive the case.


Price List, Visa to Usbekistan
Prices and conditions are applicable to Danish citizens only. For other nationalities, call us for further information. All prices include Danish tax (moms). 


Note: Since the consulate of Usbekistan has no representation in Denmark, there will be a cost for the shipment of documents (t/r) to the consulate abroad. See below for the detail price information:



Price List, Tourist and Business Visa, Single entry
Processing period approx. 10 days
Visa to Uzbekistan 1.165,-
Shipment to/from the embassy total 800,-
Business Visa, Multiple entry
Visa to Uzbekistan 1.680,-
Shipment to/from the embassy total 800,-


Return Shipment of Passport

We will send your passport with the corresponding visa, when your visa is ready.




Passport Photo at Alt Rejser


You can have your passport photo taken at Alt Rejser (150 kr)










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